Jeep Owner Trolls Double Parked Nissan, Met with an Unlikely Plot Twist

When you park in a parking lot and decide that it’ll be a good idea to take up more than one spot, prepare to be trolled on. We aren’t taking sides with either party here because this one could be argued either way. There certainly were more spots to park in but on the other hand, this park job was downright terrible and when you do something like this, there’s a good chance that somebody is going to scope you out and try to mess with you as they see your car draped across several parking spots at the same time.
This time, we check out a situation that has the driver behind the wheel of a Nissan taking up more than his fair share of space and a Jeep Wrangler driver who decides to take the opportunity to mess with him by parking super close and getting out of his ride to go and film the driver’s reaction. They were so ready to see the driver of the sports car come out and get aggravated.
All that’s left to do is watch and wait on the driver to come back out to assess the situation and see how he will react to the Jeep that’s parked literally inches from the side of the car. Luckily for this guy, though, the car just so happens to be right-hand drive which allows him to hop in and drive away, something that we’re sure the Jeep driver hadn’t consiered.
Check out the video below that approaches this sticky situation and be sure to tell us what you think about how both of these people acted. You could really argue that either of them was in the wrong with the way that they acted here but watching the byproduct is truly an entertaining time.

The Grandma Everyone Wished They Had… Meet Margaret Alley And Her All-Original 1966 Shelby G.T. 350!

If there’s one thing that maybe some people don’t get about those who are infatuated with the automobile, it’s that it’s not always about just the car itself. Sometimes, or should we say, most of the time, when someone has an infatuation with a car, it’s usually accompanied by some type of story. Sure, wrenching on a car or truck can be a good time but when you throw in the mix all the memories that go along with that vehicle that has accompanied you everywhere, it really helps to enhance the explanation of why people can be so consumed by their vehicles.
Now, for many of us, being able to own an all original 1966 Shelby GT350 would be a dream but for Margaret Alley, she’s living out that dream with the all-original machine still boasting much of its luster. As we’ve previously touched on, it’s definitely not all about the car as she definitely has some stories that go right along with the machine that dreams are made of. We’re absolutely loving every moment of it as she digs into this car and tells us all about what it is that makes the insanely spotless 1966 Shelby an exciting piece of Americana that really has managed to steal her heart.

If you follow along with the video below, be ready to watch not only the timeline of such a machine and how it has gotten to the point where it is today but also some of the stories that go alongside this ride that has accompanied her and stayed by her side over the decades.

I think that, if someone were to need a dictionary to explain to them why exactly anyone would have a bond with an automobile, this video might break down the wall and make it just a little bit easier to understand.


The Old Car Was Hidden Underground For 50 Years!

Time capsules are an amazing way to preserve moments in time for future generations. Whether it stays sealed for 10, 20, or 50 years, a time capsule is a fun way to capture the public’s attention. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the burying end or digging one up and cracking it open, the whole spectacle is a lot of fun to be a part of.

The state of Oklahoma decided to bury a time capsule on the state’s 50th birthday, and in typical Midwestern fashion, they went BIG. Instead of gathering some culturally significant items and sealing them in a vault, they decided to bury a whole car with the aforementioned items locked in the trunk. This, of course, did an excellent job of drawing the public out to the event, as you can see in the archived footage from the day the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere was buried.

Fifty years later in 2007, the vault was opened to reveal a less-than-ideal sight. The car’s home for the last half century had been built to withstand a nuclear blast, but it wasn’t built to keep out water. It’s no secret that cars and water don’t mix, especially when the water reached as high as the car’s roof, filling the interior and even the engine with water. As you can imagine, the car was in a sad state when it was plucked from its grave.

The engine was seized up and many parts of the car had simply disintegrated during its years under water. However, with some extreme care and attention to detail, the car was restored to a reasonably presentable shape. However, the restoration process was halted at that point, leaving the car in a shameful state of limbo and with no permanent home.

For years, the car’s owners tried and failed to find a proper place for the car to be displayed, but it wasn’t until last year that a museum in Illinois accepted the car. It should be on display sometime this year for the public to enjoy.


2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Top-Speed Testing in Germany

A lot of people might not realize it but if you’re a performance person who loves the art of going fast, now is a great time to be alive, especially if your forte is American cars. You see, I think that pretty much everybody knows that in the 90s, America really had a struggle of a time when it came to putting together a decent automobile and this wasn’t only in the sector that would appeal to the most general consumer but also down the alley of performance. I’m not sure about you but I feel like the cars that were produced by the good old US of A in the early 90s could sometimes leave a lot to be desired.
Not to fear, though! As the late 90s and 2000s would come around, America would really start stepping up their game, cranking out cars that were of a little bit higher quality and also put into place some engine combinations that were more reliable and were able to make some serious power on stock components.
As time would go on, we would see more and more progress being made as the end of the first decade of the 2000s would bring some pretty amazing machines and they have only been getting better ever since, only to just now really come into their own where many would argue that some of the flagships that you will find from companies like Chevrolet really punch above their weight class, coming in at real world prices and really slapping European and Japanese automakers in the face, shaking up theIndustry a little bit and lighting a fire under everybody’s rear end in the name of doing better.

This is where we sit now, as we check out the latest rendition of the Chevrolet Corvette with the C7 ZR1. It’s time to stop the speculation and see what this thing can do as it heads out for a top speed run.

*SPOILERS* It eclipses the 200 mph mark with EASE!


Hero Caught Giving Finger To Speed Cameras Thrown In Jail For Laser Jammer

Speed cameras are an intrusion of a fascistic surveillance state on the motoring public, but perhaps even worse than that, they don’t make roads any safer. They’re just a money grab. But when one heroic British motorist decided he’d had enough with The Man, hooked up a laser jammer and gave those cameras the finger, he was rewarded with eight months in jail for his public service.

The sniveling ninnies over at the North Yorkshire police even seemed proud of their actions, crowing that Timothy Hill, a dignified man of 67 years, was “perverting the course of justice” and thus was some sort of criminal:

The so-called North Yorkshire “police” went on to say in a press release that:

today he was jailed for eight months at Teesside Crown Court and banned from driving for a year for perverting the course of justice.

Hill drove past North Yorkshire Police’s mobile safety camera vans on the A19 near Easingwold, Thirsk and Crathorne on three occasions in December.

On all three occasions, he was photographed gesturing at the camera with his middle finger. Police also detected a laser jammer on his white Range Rover.

Here in the United States (God’s Country), giving the cops a piece of your beautiful mind isn’t considered a crime, and technically it’s not in the United Kingdom, either. The issue apparently revolves around the jammer, as it screws up the entire money-grubbing purpose of the money-grubbing cameras.

But apparently the one-fingered salute didn’t help:

Traffic Constable Andrew Forth, who led the investigation for North Yorkshire Police, said afterward: “If you want to attract our attention, repeatedly gesturing at police camera vans with your middle finger while you’re driving a distinctive car fitted with a laser jammer is an excellent way to do it.

Free Timothy Hill, a Hero, who knows that speed cameras don’t work.

And here’s the video of him in action…


RIP Annette Carrion! WARNING To All Motorcycle Riders!

It’s no secret that motorcycles are dangerous, and even the most experienced of riders can fall victim to the adrenaline fueled hobby of riding. When we heard a few weeks back about the passing of popular YouTube bike vlogger Annette Carrion, we knew we had lost one of the good ones. Annette was a beautiful person inside and out and did a lot of work toward helping the image of motorcycling as a hobby and a motorsport, working especially hard to motivate other women to join her in the two-wheeled world.
According to the police report, Annette’s fatal accident occurred because she took a curve at too high a speed and was unable to keep the bike in the roadway. While Carrion was obviously an experienced and proficient rider, she could have been unfamiliar with this particular section of roadway, or simply rode into the curve too hard and was unable to slow enough to make a controlled turn.
Her momentum carried her off the side of the road and down an embankment. She was thrown off of her bike during the tumble and then fell over a 50 foot drop. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident.
Annette is survived by five siblings, her boyfriend Jimmy Busak, and ten nieces and nephews. However, Carrion also leaves behind a legacy in the motorcycling community. She worked tirelessly to promote riding and her fellow riders in a positive light to help reduce the stigma that many riders face of being careless and dangerous. She was especially interested in seeing more females suiting up and riding, since the hobby is a predominantly male community.

This video from fellow YouTuber CycleCruza offers some tips on riding safely, as well as a few options to ride in areas that are safer than public roadways, such as hitting the track or off-road riding. He also makes some great points about the rest of the world around us being a scary place to live, which is very true.


84-Month Auto Loans Are Becoming More Common Because You People Can’t Stop Buying Trucks

Naturally, the industry’s responding by helping more buyers continue to stretch their wallets.

Here’s more from Bloomberg:

More than two-thirds of U.S. auto sales are now light trucks, which includes pickups and SUVs, and new-fangled tech inside them has helped drive prices to record highs of more than $35,000. While this has helped automakers mint money even as total industry sales slip, it also means the debt burden on consumers is getting heavier. Lenders are stretching out loan terms to keep monthly payments manageable and help dealers close sales.

Sounds great for the automakers. But with interest rates rising, someone needs to come up with a solution to keep sales flowing.

“I don’t think we’re going to see any reduction in terms until we see changes in pricing or what consumers are buying,” said Melinda Zabritski, a senior director at Experian. “If anything, we’re starting to see more lenders who would previously do a 72- or 75- move into the 84-month loan category.

Seven years to keep the same, quickly depreciating car. It’s quite an arrangement. But the industry’s scrambling. Recently, Bloomberg noted that subprime car buyers—which comprise 20-25 percent of auto sales, and helped the industry hit record sales in 2017, thanks to their efforts to offer loose credit—are simply disappearing from the new showrooms.

I know larger vehicles are more fuel efficient nowadays, so if gas prices were to spike or if the economy hit a recession, maybe things wouldn’t be as bad as they were a decade ago. But this certainly seems to be trending in a bad direction for the industry and, more importantly, consumers who could wind up stuck with too expensive of loans they can’t afford.

Update (1:27 p.m.): We switched the top shot from F150s to Rams, as Bloomberg’s story explicitly points out that Ram trucks have the average longest loan terms in 2017.


It’s a Truck, It’s a Snowcat! No, It’s a GMC Sierra HD All Mountain Snow Truck!

Deep down inside of us in the part that never grew up, I think that many of us have a soft spot for those utility based trucks that look like they can do a little bit of everything, not hesitating even for a second when we try and throw some difficult terrain in their direction as they take us over snow, mud, and rock alike as they show their muscle while carrying passengers, cargo, and whatever else you can manage to fit on board. Knowing that you have the ability to conquer whatever lies in your path is definitely a good feeling and in this one, we get to check out a vehicle that looks like you can do just that.
No matter how awesome your 4×4 is, there’s a good chance that if you throw a whole ton of snow in front of it, that it’s not going to be able to make its way through. In this situation, it might be a good idea to throw some tracks on it and let it go to town, providing much more surface area for the vehicle to sit on so that it can get traction little bit easier. While tires, no matter how aggressive they are, might dig down and spin freely in the mud, tracks are sure to put a little bit more rubber In contact with the areas that are needed to gain momentum.
If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get an inside look at the new GMC Sierra HD. When combined with a set of tracks, the truck looks to be almost unstoppable the way that they have this one hooked up will probably, more likely than not, make this truck find a way straight into your heart. Obviously, everybody has their preference in pickup trucks but if this wasn’t your first choice, after watching a video like this, you might be just taking a second look.


Watch the Devel Sixteen launch in the desert

While most of the automotive industry business themselves with how to make the perfect electric car, for some the glamour of a traditional fuel engine hasn’t lost its shine. This is true for Devel Sixteen, a Dubai based automotive startup that has ambitious plans to build a 320-mph supercar powered by a quad-turbo, 12.3-liter V16 engine.
While most people seem to think they are overreaching in their goals, it looks like they are about to prove some of the haters wrong. The fairly secretive company has released a very very brief look at a prototype accelerating down a road in a desert landscape.
The video description says the shot is of the prototype moving at low boost and at just 20 percent throttle. But the car certainly takes off with some serious power. The video is too agonizingly short for any real analysis of the car and its potential but the car makers have got a good grounding with engineer Paolo Garella and drag racing engine builder Steve Morris Engines in their corner.
Devel Motors started in 2006 with the beginnings of their ideas. The company has steadily grown with various milestones reached along the way. Devel certainly seems to have the money and the skills to build the car of their dream, we just have to be patient and wait.
Via: Devel Sixteen

Ford Recalls About 350,000 F-150s and SUV’s For Faulty Transmission Gears

Recently, Ford announced that 350,000 of their vehicles in the 2018 lineup have been recalled for safety issues that are related to the transmission. In a variety of both Ford F-150s and SUVs, and several other larger vehicles like the F-650 and F-750 sporting both the 10-speed and 6-speed automatic transmissions, a clip within the unit hasn’t been securely fastened which is allowing them to essentially hop out of park after the driver has stopped the vehicle, allowing them to roll under their own power after operation. Hopefully, word will get out to the owners of all of these vehicles before the safety concern becomes one that escalates to more injury. You could see how, if left unresolved, this might be a cause for concern.
Check out the video below that gives you just a little bit more information on what can be expected from this recall, thanks to the folks over at Roadshow who were able to get the inside scoop, and if you may be affected by this concern. If affected by this issue, it’s definitely something that we would recommend getting mended as soon as you possibly can!


Why Didn’t We Think of This? Super Simple Invention is a Trucker’s Dream

In our lives, it can be easy to grow to have a sort of expectation of happiness being associated with complicated and expensive things, but sometimes, it can be the simple things in life that really get you by, truly making you content or helping to cut down on your workload and making you a more effective person overall. That’s exactly what we’re looking at in a situation like this as we check out a trucker’s dream, especially a trucker who finds themselves traveling in cold climates from time to time and can expect more than their fair share of snow and ice to deal with.
Something like this seems rather simple but after laying your eyes on this invention, you might really be able to appreciate how that simplicity is incredibly effective. If you’ve ever put on or seen someone put on some tire chains for traction purposes in snow and ice, you probably will be able to appreciate exactly how this machine functions. It essentially is taking the series of events that could prove to be quite difficult and removing a bunch of time and effort that would be invested in manual labor and making it simpler it to install the chains in a more effective manner along with being able to take them off without very much labor after you’re done with them.
After checking out the invention below, I don’t think that you’ll ever look at tire chains the same way ever again. After seeing this thing, lots of people are calling for mass production and we find it hard to disagree with them. Just imagine having something like this on any vehicle to deploy a set of chains when you’re stuck and can’t find a way out. Who knows? Maybe something like this can even be applied to your everyday commuter car as well. I know that it would certainly make life a lot easier for good variety of folks.


1969 Charger 500 – 426 Hemi – Vintage Road Test

This is a vintage road test of one of the rarest, fastest, and today one of the most valuable of all of the classic Mopars; the 1969 Dodge Charger 500, with the 426 Hemi engine.