12 Year Old Drifter Slays Tires With Complete Skill And Confidence


We’ve said it before and we will most definitely say it again – if you get your kids involved in some sort of racing, they definitely won’t have any kind of money left over for bad things… you know, like drug addictions.

This time, we drop in on someone who is putting that theory in motion as they’ve stuck their 12-year-old kid behind the wheel of a BMW E36 drift machine.

We watch via an in-car camera as this youngster dominates the drift course with complete confidence and if our translation of the video uploader’s comments is correct, he was only in training for eight months!

Considering the fact that we know people who can’t parallel park and have been driving for years, this display is mighty impressive, indeed.

Check out the video of this youngster killing it in the video below. If this is truly only such a short period of training, imagine what a longer training regimen would result in.