1300hp Twin Turbo Chevelle


The usual course of action with a muscle car is to add a blower for that extra bit of oomph, but this Chevelle has gone for a twin turbo option, which look like two antennas sticking through the hood, making for one of the most unusual looking Chevelles out there.

The Chevelle was captured at drag week 16 and it’s no surprise that this crazy monster was put together by our cousins from down under.

The car has a 540ci. engine with hydraulic camshaft, upgraded from a 396ci. from the previous year, with 74 turbos making 1000 foot-pounds with 1300 HP.
The first pass down the strip makes 9.6 seconds at 153 mph, but does eventually get into the 8 second mark.

Check out full video for this magnificent ride.