This 1400-Horsepower 14-Liter V16 Is What Hot Rod Dreams are Made Of

So you’ve finally gotten around to your hot rod project that’s been sitting in your garage for the better part of a decade. Like most enthusiasts, you’d like a nice big engine to accompany you down to the local Cars & Coffee event. But LS V8 swaps are a dime a dozen nowadays, so why not use this 14-liter V16 instead?
Created by marine performance engine company Sixteen Power, this massive engine is a combination of two 7.0-liter LS7 V8s which have been merged into a single block. The result, unsurprisingly, is obscene amounts of power. According to the firm’s website, the engine is offered in 900-, 1200-, and 1400-horsepower trims, as well as a 1600-horsepower supercharged and a 2000-horsepower quad-turbocharged version. More than enough to impress the local car show crowd.

Powerboat Nation posted a walkaround video of the 14-liter monster on its Facebook page, which you can watch below to get an idea of just how big the block is. Obviously, it wasn’t designed to be used in a car, but rather to for performance boats, which need huge amounts of power to get moving. We’re sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to cram into an old Chevy, though.