1968 Pro Touring Chevelle Crashes!!


A thought we all hate to think about: wrecking our precious rides. The owner of this beautiful ’68 Chevelle did just that while auto crossing.

Whenever you hop into your ride you never plan on wrecking. However when you go racing, whether that’s drag racing, auto crossing, or road racing you know that you’re putting your car at risk. We take the proper safety precautions to make sure nothing happens but sometimes its just inevitable.

Such was the case when this Chevelle took to the track. This Malibu sports a black paint job with bright red interior and chrome wheels. Charging the track he made short work of the course. The car looks solid and comfortable on the track, with no violent movements. Nobody would have predicted what happens next.

When he came around the last corner though, he floored it and lost traction. Trying to correct the car he hit the brakes which locked up the wheels and sent the car into the block wall nearby.

The damage wasn’t extensive, but that doesn’t help the situation. Looks like the fender, bumper, grill extensions and a few other items will need to be replaced. Luckily the driver and passenger were unharmed and that the car wasn’t a total loss. The bad part is that this will likely come out of his own part as most insurance companies don’t cover cars while racing.

Remember this story next time you take your priceless ride out. Always be safe and aware of your surroundings.