1970 Chevelle ss Clone With Some Massive Burnout!


Today we have prepared a burnout video with one bad muscle car 1970 Chevelle ss Clone, i hope you guys are going to enjoy this video till the end of last second. 1970 Chevelle ss fan knows very well how rare these insanely attractive muscle cars are, so every time we come upon a video clip in which we see some Chevy Chevelle model in action, we are keen and very much pleased to share with you, so that we can all enjoy and feast our eyes with its timeless beauty. This beauty 1970 Chevelle SS is a proud product of Lawell Motorsports, completely built, with a ported heads, headers, 125 HP nitrous kit,Turbo 350 Transmission with a shifter kit, huge brakes and flow master exhaust. I know that only by reading the list of its features, the car gives you an idea of just how good it is, but wait until you actually watch the following video. Other modification upgrades include a Shift Kit, Full Suspension upgrade, Big Brakes, Flow Master Exhaust and much more. This Clone is so loud that we have to issue a Speaker Warning, enjoy. Chevelle also served as the basis for the model of Monte Carlo, introduced in 1970. 1970 Chevy ss is considered the pinnacle year for old school muscle cars.  Nothing says old school muscle like a 1970 Chevelle SS 396.

Most muscle car purist believe the Chevelle SS embodied everything about the muscle car era: muscular looks big block V8 engine; bucket seats; stripes, and a dual exhaust rumble.