2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 Test Drive on Racetrack and Performance

GT 350

This GT350’s V-8 is often a highlight on the car while stretched in order to its mind-boggling 8, three hundred rpm redline. At and getting close redline, the symphony associated with spent combustion which blasts away the pipes should be illegal. All it lets you do is make you want to hammer down around the long pedal consistently — a new desire When I was content to oblige within a recent check on Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca within Monterey, Calif.

Any valve-operated harrow system provides much-appreciated mild to outdoors modes, allowing you to deafen people while barreling by using a tunnel, then sneak on your neighborhood undetected. Throughout full-bore manner, the GT350’s exhaust may very well be the loudest harrow system We’ve heard using a factory car or truck.

Let’s revisit that 8, three hundred rpm redline. It is insane in order to wind away a bone-stock, factory V-8 in the Mustang in order to those varieties of speeds and not feel just like the connecting rods definitely will blast out of your engine stop. The unique flat-plane crankshaft is responsible for the large engine speeds as well as the quickness on the revs; it provided Ford engineers to be able to open in the cylinder mind, intake along with camshaft in order to unleash far more power, and it’s really the crankshaft configuration that offers the GT350 a really unique harrow sound.

The practicality of your 8, 250 rpm engine ‘s best experienced around the track, where your GT350 can stretch the legs among corners without needing to upshift. When you do must upshift, a whole new transmission built to match your high rpm characteristics on the 5. 2-liter enables lightning-quick shifting having a light however precise shifter along with clutch your pedal.

There’s lots of room within the span associated with 8, 000 rpm a great engine being down upon power along with torque, nevertheless the 5. 2-liter’s well-distributed torque preceding 3, 500 rpm — along with peak associated with 429 pounds-feet at 4, 750 rpm — indicates the motor is punchy and will still pull out of the way at lower motor speeds, up to maximum power at 7, 500 rpm. Some rev-happy engines aren’t happy off of the track, nevertheless, the 5. 2-liter is actually wholeheartedly amusing on canyon roads and in some cases in straight-line bursts associated with acceleration. An additional bonus is that this engine preserves decent power past redline, nevertheless below 3, 500 rpm you actually do must be in the best gear. Don’t even make an effort to pass within 6th; the idea just will not work.