2016 Fresh Tokyo Car Meet Showcases Hot Cars And Trends


As you already know, the Tokyo Auto Salon is a huge event that takes place every January at the Makuhari Messe where crazy builds, new parts, and new vehicles are shown off to the masses. There are hundreds of thousands of spectators that attend the event, but do you ever wonder what they drive?

After the Tokyo Auto Salon ended, a meet, coordinated by Hardcore Tokyo, was held in the parking garage of Tokyo Decks Beach in Odaiba where hundreds of enthusiasts brought their cars out for other enthusiasts in attendance to drool over.  One thing we noticed right when the video started was the turnout; there were so many people lining the parking structure as more and more cars were rolling in. Insane.

Looking at all of the cars that attended the meet, there were a lot of great street builds, beater builts, and some awesome show-quality builds as well. One car that caught our eye in the video was a RedBull and SpeedHunters-liveried JZX100 Toyota Chaser (you know, the awesome Supra-powered sedan we never got in the states). Another car that really caught our eye was the bright matte-orange Toyota Supra with the ABFlug body kit; you certainly don’t see those often! The only part of the ABFlug kit that was missing was the front bumper, but the factory front end looked great with a carbon fiber lip and canards.

This year’s Fresh Tokyo Meet was full of beautiful, aggressive rides, and really showed us here in the states how epic Japanese street car culture is.



Source: www.revvedmag.com