3,200-horsepower twin-turbo 1969 Camaro is a Drag Week winner


At Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week 2015, this wicked twin-turbo Camaro laid down 3,200 horsepower from the street to the strip, fulfilling all of our 10-year old power-mad fantasies.

Check out this highlight reel as it hits 6.76 seconds at over 200 miles per hour. No, it’s not an illusion—thanks to the magic of fiberglass, the car does really resemble a regular 1969 Camaro stretched out in a pasta roller.

Of course, with Drag Week, you gotta drive from strip to strip. And that’s just what Tom Bailey of Bailey Racing (and a Drag Week veteran) did, with a Michigan vanity plate that reads “SICKEST.” Evidently, the Hot Rod editors thought so too, crowning it the Fastest Street Car In America.

If that’s not the greatest honor in dragging, then we don’t know what is.