This 4-Year Old Baby Biker Has Insane Motorcycle Skills & It’s Tearing Up The Competition!

While kids only dream about riding a motorbike, this four-year-old baby biker from Ukraine has insane motorcycle skills. His skills are so powerful that he is literally tearing up the competition in an event held in Ukraine. Prepare to meet Tima Kuleshov a baby daredevil who has an unbelievable bike riding talent. At first, this baby biker started his impressive venture at less than 2-years old before graduating to a mini motorbike at just 2 years and a half. Since the beginning, Tima always had full support by his parents. His father and mother, Alexander and Victoria, bought him a Strider bike equipped with tire balance.

Tima`s dad has stated that his kid loves both speed and attention. However, Tima never brags about it to anyone. Tima doesn`t even mentions that he is a great motorcyclist when meeting new friends. He started competing in motorbike competitions before the age of four. Now, we have one awesome footage that showcases Tima`s insane motorcycle skills. So far, he has participated in the Children`s Moto Competitions that are being held in both Ukraine and Russia. If you think these mini bikes are slow, think again, because they reach a maximum speed of almost 45mph. Tima has made the record for youngest motorcyclist in Ukraine and he is also having difficulties finding any competition among his peers.