440ci 1969 Roadrunner Race Car Destroys Tires


This week’s Tire Shredding Tuesday feature takes a look at a wicked 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner powered by a 440 cubic inch Mopar big block as it destroys its tires in a long, smokey, rolling burnout.  As the description explains, this is a drag car so this Roadrunner lacks some unneeded items like headlights and mufflers but who cares about all of that – this is one awesome burnout.  The initial burnout as the car sits in the cul-de-sac is pretty cool but once the driver lets the car roll forward and lay long strips of burnt rubber down the street, this Roadrunner puts together a display of epic proportions.

Along with this rough and ready race purposed Roadrunner, this video shows a modern Magnum and a couple old school Dodge Darts which may or may not have been responsible for some of the other burnout marks shown in the video prior to the tire shredding action from the ’69 Roadrunner.  Not only does it look awesome but it sounds awesome as well so make sure that your speakers are cranked up for this one!