45 Minutes Of Non Stop Drag Racing Crashes! So Much Carnage!

The guys over at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos have been on the wall at events large and small for a long time now, likely close to two decades if I had to guess. In that time, they’ve captured literally tens of thousands of passes down the track, and if you watch much drag racing, you know that statistically speaking, you’re going to catch quite a few crashes if you’ve shot that much trackside footage.
While each individual event may only have one or 2 crashes, over the years those add up to a pile of pile-ups, and what better to do than combine all the wall smacks and barrel rolls into one badass compilation of carnage and share it with the world! That’s exactly what we have, just a tick under 45 minutes of insane crashes and crunches from the Urban Hillbilly archives right here for you to enjoy in one sitting, so just sit back, grab a snack and crank up your speakers or headphones and enjoy the action!
Some of these clips are new crashes we haven’t seen before, and some of them have become almost iconic, having been seen and shared at the time they were first captured. The very first crash you see just happens to be a friend of mine, Bob Mandell Jr, who got crossed up when fluid got under his tires of his Cutlass, sending him nose first into the wall at Rockingham Dragway. Luckily, Mandell was uninjured and would return to action just a few weeks later if I remember correctly.
One great thing about these guys is they cover all types of racing, from small tire to Pro Mod and everything in between, so there should be something in here for everybody. Hopefully none of these guys were injured too badly. The cameras usually rolled all the way until the driver hopped out of the car, so we believe these guys all made it out just fine.