970 HP Dodge Charger Hellcat vs. 920 HP Ford Mustang Drag Race Is Humiliating

When you own a current-generation Ford Mustang with a 5.0-liter V8 under the hood, the recipe for leaving a Hellcat in the tire smoke you’ve just generated isn’t all that complicated, involving some good old forced induction. But what do you do when the blown Mopar machine isn’t stock? Well, an encounter between a tuned Hellcat and a seriously pumped-up Mustang GT, in this case an S550-generation pony, should be one piece of American glory, especially since the brawl takes place in controlled conditions (read: at the drag strip). However, the fight we have here turned into a bit of an embaressement – we’re talking about the perspective of the Mustang owner, who delivered quite a bit of bragging before the fight, but didn’t manage to back up his words with enough forward trust. And yes, we’re talking about a clash of titans here. We estimated the horsepower values in the title above using the 15 percent drivetrain loss approximation – according to the owners, the Charger Hellcat we’re dealing with here delivers 850 hp to the rear wheels, while the Mustang GT has 800 ponies at the rear wheels. For the record, while the Dodge features an E85 setup, the Mustang GT prides itself with a Whipple blower. In theory, the horsepower premium of the Charger should be smaller than the weight difference between the two muscle machines, so, on paper, the Mustang has serious chances of being the faster car. In the real world, however, the prepped surface 1,320 feet sprint proves otherwise. And the two raced on more than one occasion, all to make sure the conclusion was a solid one.

And while this piece of footage isn’t too much of a driving lesson, it can easily be considered a lesson in driving etiquette, one that proves drag talking shouldn’t precede drag racing. In fact, drag talking shouldn’t exist at all.

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