A Ford Mustang Launches in Reverse Against A Camaro


Just the other day memes of the idiotic Mustang owner were all over the internet. We all know why: Ford’s iconic muscle cars always crashing when exiting Cars & Coffee events. If you thought it could not get any worse, think again. Spotted: A Mustang launches in reverse during a street race with a Camaro. Could it get more embarrassing than this? Makes you want to sell your Mustang and even convince your neighbor to sell his. It’s that bad!

So how did it all go down?

According to some spectators at the scene of the crime (Yes, this is a crime against all Mustangs), the driver accidentally chose reverse while looking for first. But really, let’s look at it. What are the odds of that happening in a car that requires the driver to push down on the stick in order to move it into reverse? The most likely setting is that the Mustang was an automatic and the driver was not thinking straight.

To make matters worse, a bystander noticed the Mustang GT was in reverse and tried to warn the driver. Seems he didn’t yell loud enough to be heard over the sound of two running V8 engines, but if other people heard it, why not the driver? We could try and defend his case, but he might have been so focused on the road that he forgot what he was doing. Or maybe he was having a staring contest with the Camaro driver and so he was distracted. You be the judge. But, I’m pretty sure by now, you have a look of total unbelief just like the helpful bystander who tried to yell to this driver as he watched the Mustang rocket off in reverse. Don’t worry, I feel the same way too.

These Mustang drivers need to get their act together. They are ruining the Mustang’s good name