Amazing Quant e-Sportlimousine That Runs On Salt Water Is Approved For Use In Europe

This car has got a motor at each wheel, makes a Fisker look as an AMC Pacer, gullwing doors, and can go from stand to 60 MPH as fast as a Nissan GT-R. This thing is powered by something very similar to a fuel cell, but it uses salt water as an electrolyte. Now, this car is approved to drive on European roads.
This car is called the QUANT e-Sportlimousine. It is a very high-spec electric car. This thing has got a motor on each wheel in order to give it AWD with torque vectoring, and each one of those motors deliver 227 horsepower, and a total of 908 horsepower. But the Quant’s electronics don’t want you dead, so easily, so the system caps the power at 644 horsepower. The top torque numbers are 213 lb-ft per wheel, and that means 8,552 total. The car can reach a speed of 350 km/h, and it reaches 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds! The Quant e-Sportlimousine is built by the German company Quant.

These numbers are really amazing, but the part of the supercar that could prove genuinely important is the use of a flow battery. The flow batteries were patented in 1976 by NASA, especially the redox-type.
This car uses a nano-network flow battery, and that is the reason why the company is named nanoFLOWCELL.
The flow battery uses a lithium-sulfur chemistry organized in a network of nanoparticles. The network removes the necessity that charge moves out and in particles that are in direct touch with the conducting plate. The nanoparticle network permits electricity to flow throughout the liquid. This permits more energy to be obtained.
The battery’s energy density is enough that the Quant is declared to have a range of 200 to 300 miles or so. And maybe even better than that, unlike classic chemical batteries, you just need to replenish the electrolyte to recharge the battery that in this case is a salt water. The size of the electrolyte tanks influences the overall range, and their refill should be an easy and quick process similar to fueling up a gasoline car.

The electricity that comes from the flow battery is reserved in a pair of big capacitors, and then the electric motors draw from to turn the electricity into speed.
It just all sounds too good to be true. The science it’s based on is understood and solid, and some other kinds of flow batteries have been used before, yet generally in stationary contexts.
The e-Sport Limousine’s design is a little striking with flowing lines, gulling doors, and a great grille design. The 4 seat interior is really strong with so much flowing wood.
The company now has a registration plate from the German TUV Sud, and that means that they can begin testing on Europe’s public roads. Here you can see a video of the car.

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