Australia’s Most Impressive Custom Car – The 1978 Ford Falcon XC Coupe

Adam LeBrese's 1978 Ford XC

Ford Falcon, produced by Ford Australia Division left a mark in the four-door sedan class. But nothing of the aforementioned fit this new one. The new one is driven by the philosophy “Less is More” and that is more noticeable if you take a close look, because the car looks simple but for sure it has to offer more!

This amazing 1978 Ford Falcon XC comes from its land of origins, Australia from the garage of Adam LeBrese, guy who had a vision and worked on it for whole 6 years combining the aesthetics and the performance into this beautiful car which won the title “Australia’s Most Impressive Custom Car” on Meguiar’s MotorEX event in 2011. Everything else said here would be sufficient!

We just need to add the fact that the car doesn’t interfere and doesn’t has anything in common with the original 1978 Ford Falcon XC, this one is completely new slant on it!

The car speaks for itself, take me and ride me, yeah, it deliver clear message from which is obvious that the Adam’s mission with the aesthetic design is accomplished. About the performances we suggest you to watch the video bellow and hear it from Adam personally!