Bike Riders, Now You Can Be Noticed With This LumiLor Electroluminescent Paint!

Lumilor 3

All bike riders think and care only about two things above all: Safety and good looking bike. It is rare that only one product can do those two things. But Darkside Scientific’s LumiLor Electroluminescent Coating System does exactly that. As the name proclaims, LumiLor is paint that lights up and it is amazing as it sounds.
LumiLor is called electroluminescent just because the paint emits a soft glow in reaction to an electric current passing through it. When it is used for a custom bike paint job, the battery of the bike provides the power. This paint could be applied to virtually any object that could take a layer of regular paint: furniture, guitars, ceilings, skateboards, walls… When the paint is applied to something that is big as the motorcycle helmet, a couple of 9 volt batteries provide enough power to outline the head of the rider in a halo of beautiful light. LumiLor comes in green, white, radioactive green, orange, blue and blue-green, but you can mix the colors. Just like any other ordinary paint, it is protective, durable, and when you apply it over a black base coat, it is invisible until you turn on the power.

The electroluminescent paint job has one another great benefit: by making bike riders more visible, it also keeps them safe. Because a simple failure to see riders is behind so many accidents, and this is really a godsend because it helps a rider to get noticed. And LumiLor is all about that. With LumiLor, Darkside Scientific has a bright future ahead of it.
In the following video you can see what magic makes this paint. When one friend of Andy Zsinko asked him to paint his bike, he decided to do something amazing and different, to make it glow. After some experiments with photo luminescent paint, he considered that simply glowing was not enough. So he invented the first electroluminescent paint in the world that can be placed on any curved surface. Darkside Scientific did not just made a new way to add a flair to the bike paint jobs, but it made it possible to make anything imaginable light up. Check out the video and enjoy!



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