Biker flips in the air and bounces off the road after crashing head-on into an SUV


The man’s helmet flies off before his body smacks onto the road and his bike breaks apart on impact. Disturbing dashcam footage shows the man lying unconscious on the tarmac after the horror smash. People behind the camera were listening to upbeat music when they saw the chilling crash in next lane. They can be heard shrieking and one of them says “Oh my god! Oh my god!”. The motorcyclist, who has not been identified, was struck down on the Marcos highway flyover in Baguio City in the Philippines.  The driver of the Mitsubishi Adventure that smashed into the biker gets out after another motorcyclist approaches the man’s body in the road. The two men chat over the biker’s body before the group in the car end their recording. Facebook user Roman Nuki Santos posted the video online but he did not film the footage himself. The Philippines site for former lads mag FHM has reported that a nurse in Baguio General Hospital was quoted by Santos as saying the rider lived but suffered an arm fracture.