Black Pearl, the custom car of the year, owned by James Hetfield from Metallica

The last new album of Metallica was before five years, but James Hetfield, the co-founder and lead singer, has been busy touring and with a different type of metal-bending. Hetfield is a long-time collector of hot-rod and his car buddy Rick Dore has won top prizes for his vehicles before, but his latest creation was announced by Goodguys Rod & Custom Association like the custom car of the year. The car is well-known as the Black Pearl.

The Black Pearl is an entirely custom vehicle, not a hot rod. All of the body panels on the car were hand-built from aluminum by Luc and Marcel De Lay, it is based on designs from Dore, Hetfield and themselves, together with a custom wheels and interior. The Black Pearl has a Ford V8 engine that delivers 375 HP and it has the frame of a 1948 Jaguar.

Hetfield said of the De Lays that he is shamed by their gift of metal sculpting. They started with a 8 x 10 drawing and finished with a complete vehicle. That is a proof of their ability. If someone asks them what body they started, they answer with ‘steel sheets.’

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