This Blown Camaro Loves Wheelies, World Championship Of Wheel Stands!

This Blown Camaro Loves Wheelies, World Championship of Wheel Stands! Not too many know that there is an annual event held at the Byron Dragway, called World Power Wheel Standing Championships, and to be honest, the name is very self-explanatory, and nobody leaves the race unentertained and unsatisfied believe us. The guys that are running this competition must be considered nothing less than ruthless, when it comes to damaging their cars, since nobody is taking it easy and broken suspension is not uncommon at all during this event, since they all want to win and entertain the crowd, with their insane and at time pretty violent wheel stands which are not easy on the car at all. The driver of this awesome Camaro is one of those guys that is definitely not taking it easy on the car as he slams on the throttle literally launching the front end in the air as he drags the rear end on the asphalt mercilessly, before slamming it to the ground and breaking the front suspension. Although we are sorry for the car, just like the crowd we have to admit that this is hugely entertaining, so check it out in the video below.