Bounty Hunters Arrest Funniest Fugitive We Have Ever Seen… Real Life Donkey From Shrek!

We’ve seen plenty of comical arrest videos, but this one just may take the case as far as absolute hilarity. We don’t know what happened to lead up to this interaction with the cops, but we’re awfully glad it did, as bad as that is to say. This guy is almost certainly destined for some kind of reality show after this video hit social media and blew up a few days ago.
The guy isn’t resisting arrest so much as he is actively participating in the process while keeping the mood light and cracking some hilarious one-liners. I can’t imagine trying to keep a straight face while attempting to apprehend a suspect acting like this, but I don’t personally think I could do it. I also can’t imagine being in the process of being arrested and being able to keep my wits about me to come up with the stuff this man comes up with, rolling from one punch line to the next almost as if it’s a rehearsed act.
As crazy as it seems, we have to admit we really enjoyed this video, not only for the obvious humor, but because it’s a refreshing change to see an interaction with the police go this way instead of the way so many videos we’ve seen lately seem to go. We all know it’s a tense time in our country, so seeing something a police video with a humorous twist is a welcome sight for sure. However, we don’t recommend any of the rest of you go out and try this kind of shtick if you run afoul of the law, as you have to have a certain kind of personality and mindset to keep things funny without going too far.
Hopefully we will see more videos like this though, as opposed to the alternative. We would love to see this guy come out of this deal with some kind of career that will keep him out of trouble, regardless of what he did to get himself arrested to begin with. If he can keep himself out of trouble, he definitely has a future in comedy!