Brad Edwards HED Motor Pegs The Dyno 2500 Horsepower

Back in 2014, Brad Edwards shocked the drag radial world by laying down the first 3-second elapsed time on the ultra-sticky Huntsville Dragway 1/8th mile surface. Since then, Edwards and his crew chief Pete Harrell have battled gremlins left and right, as well as a slew of “twenty-five cent parts” breaking at the worst possible times, that have kept the duo understandably frustrated, but they remained motivated to get back to the to the top of the heap in the radial world. It looks like they’ve taken a huge step toward doing so after having a great outing last weekend at No Mercy 8.
Even this trip, though it ended on a high note, started off with a little frustration, showing just how snakebit Edwards has been in recent months. Before Brad even rolled his 1997 Mustang out of the trailer, he had to deal with a blowout on his trailer that, in his words “equated aluminum fender removal”, then had his brand new awning destroyed and “folded like a napkin over top of the trailer”, and finally had the generator on his RV fail about two hours into the trip. It’s been that kind of struggle.
However, once they arrived on the property at South Georgia Motorsports Park for the fall rendition of Donald Long’s radial extravaganza, things finally turned right for Edwards and Harrell, a self-professed “up arrow manipulator” referring to his tuning philosophy, when Edwards became the undisputed stock suspension king, ripping off a series of low 3.90’s and mid 3.80’s, culminating with a 3.85 blast at 200 MPH. Edwards lost in the second round, but only because he turned on the dreaded red light, throwing away a winning run, but you can feel the jubilation in the Edwards camp as they not only managed to make several great passes, they made it through the weekend without hurting anything on the car.
Congrats to Brad, Pete, and everybody associated with this team for turning the corner and returning to record-breaking form. Look for more big numbers from these guys in the very near future! Check out this awesome video of Edwards’ twin turbo big block Chevy-powered Mustang pegging the 2,500 HP dyno at Harrell’s HED shop.