Brand NEW Silverado Plowed into in Parking Lot by SUV with No Signs of Stopping

No matter who you are or what you’re currently doing in life, it has a way of throwing twists and turns into the mix that can take what you’re doing and flip it on its head. One moment, you might just be on your daily grind, expecting to know what’s going to happen next, and that during next minute, something can completely broadside you and take you off guard. This time, we get a piece of a situation that broadsided an individual quite literally and we’re going to go ahead and venture to guess that they never saw it coming in the slightest bit.
In this one, we watch from a security camera as a brand spanking new Chevrolet Silverado sits in a parking lot, minding its own business, when all of a sudden a Chevrolet Suburban, or so it would appear, comes veering off of the highway, accelerating at a high rate of speed, and plowing straight into the side of the new pickup truck, rolling it over onto its side and doing some major damage, definitely totaling this thing beyond any kind of reasonable repair. It’s quite a shocking situation and something that you would never expect to happen to you in a thousand years but somehow, things like this do plop in your lap every now and then.
Follow along in the video down below as the SUV comes barreling down on the truck, wreaking havoc and barely making their way past a newer Mustang that was somehow saved from the carnage. Hopefully, everybody involved in the situation ended up being alright afterward. We reached out to the original poster of the video to see if they had any updates for us on if the people involved here would be alright after-the-fact but we have yet to hear back and are currently left in the air to wonder what the outcome was.