Can an Old Willys Jeep with an LS Motor Beat a Corvette ZR-1?


Some of you are probably already familiar with the LSX Willys Jeep but for those of you who aren’t you’re in for a very enjoyable video. This Willys Jeep has nitrous, drag radials, a ton of other modifications and most importantly an LS motor! And it’s all come together better than you can imagine. The Jeep is an absolute animal from a dig. It launches with only three tires on the ground and leaves the ZR-1 in its dust! The Jeep takes down almost any opponent put next to it when its running on just motor and completely whoops anything when it’s spraying nitrous. The driver doesn’t even wear a seatbelt… This guy is nuts!

The video also contains some cool content of a Porsche racing and a motorcycle racing all on the street! Keep in mind this video is a little old and the Jeep in the video is now over 1000hp!