Charming BLACK BAGGED DODGE Ram Dually PRODUCES Sparks! The Black Pearl ROCKS!


Usually when we think of a Dodge Ram dually truck we think of a lifted monstrous beast with mean look. However, this is not a ‘tall’ kind of Dodge dually but a bagged one.

This black bagged Dodge Ram dually truck is labeled ‘The black pearl’ and the owner of it is a guy called Branden ‘Crogy’ Croghan. After seeing this video you will get the idea where did the name of the truck come from. This truck is indeed beautiful as a black pearl. It shines with its black beauty and hypnotizing charisma.

I’m sure you will enjoy a lot watching this beautiful video which was filmed in July 2014 by photographers and cinematographers at Low Down Labs, founded in Omaha, Nebraska. These talented guys made a gorgeous footage with various shots of the truck and amazing moments of it driving and showing its cool appearance. Unfortunately, they did not provide any information about the truck, although some viewers have commented that the truck is put on sale. I guess someone will get really lucky with it.