Check Out This Incredible WHEELIE Performed At The Bayou Drags!


We all know that drag races are full with impressive adrenaline, it’s really lifting to go there and just watch it, yeah just watch those angry beasts standing on the rear legs and performing wheelies to impress the audience.

Yeah the gravity has a huge problem holding these beasts glued to the ground, too much force to handle!

And like in the human nature when we all sometimes give up in some situations, this time the gravity gave up and said “What is this, I can’t do this anymore, I’m too weak!”

Yeah, sometimes it just happens! And you will be surprised by the fact that all the performance was from an old Chevy Vega, yeah it was so aggressive that it wanted to take the lead at the very beginning and tried to jump few meters in front, and yeah we mean it literally!

This is very rare wheelie on four wheels which took place at the Bayou Drags event in Houston, can you imagine? Just watch the video and you will be convinced, and think for a second what if the secure holder was not on the back of the car what would happened then?