The Chevy SSR was the Retro Convertible Truck That Never Caught On

When you’re out and about on the roadways, you really see some interesting and obscure cars and, believe it or not, they might not all be creations from people who got their hands on a regular car and transform it into something off-the-wall. Sometimes, instead of being a custom machine, those wacky and obscure machines will come straight out of the box, showing that automotive manufacturers are completely capable of creating some pretty crazy designs themselves and don’t always need help from the person who ends up with the car to make it stick out like a sore thumb.
One of these machines that you might have seen before and happens to fit into that category nicely is the Chevrolet SSR. According to Doug DeMuro, the vehicle is one that really came at a time when Chevrolet couldn’t afford to experiment as their backs were against the wall financially and they were ready to go bankrupt. You would think that, at a time like this, they would be producing as many vanilla cars as they could, trying to sell the most common thing available at the lowest possible cost but instead, they decided it would be a good idea to produce a vehicle that took the liberty of combining a sports car, a pick up truck, and a convertible all into one. Perhaps they had some vision of this thing taking off and saving the brand. Not the case.
In the video below, we take a look, with a fine-tooth comb at the SSR so that you can see everything that this truck convertible has to offer. This is definitely a concept that really never caught on but whenever you see one of these things in public, you really can’t help but take a second look at it because it really seems like something that had a ton of potential. Who knows, maybe one day, these things prove to be pretty insane collectibles.