Chevy Truck Has The Nastiest Idle on the Block!

There are lots of things to appreciate about a well put together car or truck. One of the best things about the world of automotive modification is just how many things you can really appreciate in a nice build. Sure, you can take away something from the way the car locks. People spend a lot of time and effort putting their vision down into the physical world, buying parts and customizing pieces to make sure that their car or truck looks exactly the way that they planned it in their heads. Performance is another aspect that you can truly appreciate. Some might even consider this to be the most important aspect of a vehicle and it’s pretty easy to appreciate as it’s measurable out on the track.
This time, however, we take a look at another aspect that is just as important as the first two, sometimes. Heck, some might even consider it to be the most important as thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent on the way that a vehicle sounds. It might seem kind of silly to those who don’t get it but if you do understand, you know that getting just the right note out of your exhaust whether it be a deep grumble or a choppy cam sound can really make or break an automobile, bringing you joy when you turn that key and hear the ponies under the hood rev up and get ready to roll.
If you follow along in the video below, you can check out the Chevy truck that might just have nastiest idle on the block. When thing starts up and starts spitting out that cammed out sound, it’s game over! After listening to this thing roar to life, be sure to tell us if this Chevy pickup truck has what it takes to make its way straight to that soft spot in your heart.