Classic American Muscle VS. Legendary 1980s Italian Lambo!

Muscle Challenger VS. old well-known Italian supercar. So on which one do you place your bet? Should we give them a try? Of course, we will, we always want to see old beasts fighting for their pride giving everything on the track. So what do you say we first compare the stock performance so you can get the overall picture for these cars and next watch the video and of course, may the best car win. We think that the Challenger on the video is a 1970 year model with the most powerful stock engine 7.0-liter HEMI producing 425 hp, scary performance for a 1970 car with that handling and suspension it’s a dangerous beast in the hands of inexperienced driver! But we’ll see how this driver will handle this monster on the track. What about this Italian elegance which shaped the look of the future sport cars glued to the ground. This Lamborghini Countach has centrally mounted 5.0-liter V12 producing 414 hp. More cylinders on the Lambo’s engine, so is this going to be a fair battle?

We can’t tell you if you don’t find out on your own, watch the video, but before place your bets.