This Compilation Of Supercar Drivers Getting Smoked By Sleepers is Everything!

When we’re talking about buying a factory performance car and immediately heading out to race and actually winning, sure, it can be done. However, I think what many fail to recognize is that even when they bought a performance car from the factory that promises to be one of the best performers that there is straight out-of-the-box, it isn’t always guaranteed to be the fastest on the streets. In this one, we check out a compilation of supercar drivers who learn that lesson the hard way as they head to streets and tracks to try and race other vehicles but the sleepers end up taking over.
If you’re not sure what a sleeper is, well, basically, the concept is to take the car that isn’t necessarily seen as being that fast and throw a twist into the mix, kicking up the performance just a little bit as you transform the machine from something that nobody would expect to be quick into something that is fast and still, nobody expects it! Essentially, it’s like putting a wolf in sheep’s clothing in the world of automotive performance and it’s a trend that many across the board have come to know and love. There’s just something so special about that unsuspecting ride that will hit you in the adrenaline!
Follow along with the video below that shows off a group of supercar owners, some just looking to have fun and others getting a little bit cocky, all of which end up struggling to keep out in front of cars that they never saw coming! Be sure to get a load of the matchups for yourself and tell us what you think of the races below.