Corvette and Mustang racers destroyed in nasty, survivable dragstrip wreck!


These flat-black drag machines can make it to the end of the quarter-mile in just a few seconds. But it takes even less time for them to be turned into fiery balls of crumpled steel.

At the LIGHTS OUT VII Radial Race, driver Dave Bowman in the Mustang Cobra rips off such an impressive start that his car bounces twice in a double wheelie. Kyle Huettel in the incredible-looking blown Corvette rips off a lightning-fast launch, but quickly loses traction and heads right for the Mustang. Barely has the Mustang come down from its second wheelie that the Corvette slams into it hard, sending the Mustang up in the air and back down in a shower of sparks.

And in barely a quarter of the time for these cars to finish, it’s all over. It’s a damn shame, but “We’re happy to report both drivers are doing just fine,” says 1320video, “due to their safety equipment.” Draggin’ ain’t easy, but it’s necessary.

Spoiler alert: both drivers do climb out of the wreck that you’re about to see. So you can watch with a clear conscience.