Corvette DEEP in the 6s – Quickest and Fastest IRS Car Ever


If you have ever seen Mark Carlyle go to battle in his Chevrolet Corvette, you know that this z06 isn’t just any Corvette. This is the C6 that Vette owners dream of and this time, we get the privilege of checking out the car when it hits the lanes at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals.

Carlyle’s Corvette is really firing on all cylinders as it is able to consistently blast its way to the six-second range, something that is incredibly impressive to watch in person. Every time the car rolls into the burnout box, you know that something special is about to come.

Not only is this car rolling out and smashing on most of its competitors, but it even manages to find its way back into the record books yet again by digging that independent suspension world record even deeper with a 6.54-second pass. This thing is really moving and then some!

Check out the clips down in the video below from the BigKleib34 YouTube channel that gets you up close and personal to this record-setting monster from the a whole variety of angles. This, boys and girls, is what dreams are made of!