Dodge Challenger 392 On Nitrous Oxide Takes On Stock Hellcat


As far as drag racing videos go, this one is very straightforward except for that one minor twist that may or may not play a part.

We’re referring to the nitrous oxide system that pumps up the Challenger on the left (the one with the white stripes), though there’s no mention of how big of a shot it uses.

In fact, we don’t get any numbers except for the ones we already know; and what we do know is that a regular SRT8 Challenger doesn’t stack up all that well compared to the flagship model.

The Challenger Hellcat is a 707 HP machine, capable of covering a quarter mile in around 11.2 seconds with stock tires. If you use drag radials, you’ll get it there in under 11 seconds, which is fitting for what Dodge calls the “fastest and most powerful muscle car ever.”

Stock top dog or junior on steroids? The distance they cover isn’t that long, so who’s your money on?