Dodge Challenger Hellcat Blows Driveshaft to Pieces While Drag Racing a Tesla

With the Tesla Model S P100D setting one record after another, the time has come to zoom in on yet another grassroots adventure involving the electric sedan, one that saw the EV duking it out with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

By now, anybody who’s even remotedly interested in the quarter-mile realm, knows that the P100D will get to the finish line before the factory-blown Dodge. So, in theory, it wouldn’t make sense for the driver of this Hellkitty to battle the Palo Alto machine.

Nevertheless, the Challenger Hellcat we have here comes with a few mods, one of which is a set of Mickey Thompson tires. And since the playful factory tire setup (read: 275-section) of the Hellcat means the muscle beast can have issues with putting its power down, going for the drag strip-friendly rubber could give the Mopar machine’s driver wings.

The serious boost grip delivered by the mix between the said tires and the prepped surface of the track did take its toll on the Hellcat, though.

The battle, which took place at the Fayetteville Drag Strip in North Carolina, saw the Hellcat blowing its driveshaft to smithereens during the P100D race. And, since we know that repeated launches can even destroy carbon fiber Hellcat driveshafts, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The driver of the Tesla, who obviously went through with the run, delivers his take on the unfortunate happening: “What fun is having a quick car, a Tesla Model S P100D, if you can’t find some good races. Well, that’s where you get me sitting in the staging lanes and like many times before it’s always fun to run the top of the new car market. In this case another Dodge Hellcat Challenger […]. As with any breakdown, the good thing to come of one is the fact that you can now fix the weak parts and possibly be capable of going even faster after the rebuild,