Dodge Challenger V6 with Hellcat Badges Spotted in Traffic, Mopar Fans Angry

Given all the muscle packed by the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, we can say the level of visual aggression packed by the Mopar machine is far from mirroring the storm under the hood.

The 707-pony SRT animal doesn’t pack all that many eye candy elements that separate it from, say, a V6 model sitting at the base of the lineup, simply because the entire Challenger range works this way. Alas, certain Challenger owners take advantage of the limited aesthetic differences between the various models, going for an upbadging approach.

A striking example of the sort comes from the Dodge in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, a car that spreads from one end of the range to the other.

To be more precise, we’re dealing with the situation described in the intro, which sees a V6 model trying to pass as a Hellcat.

Both the front wings and the bootlid spoiler of the Dodge pack Hellcat emblems, so this isn’t one of those sticker-infused customization jobs, but one that saw the driver choosing the easy way of fulfilling his Hellcat dreams.

At least when it comes to the driver who caught the upbadging exercise on camera and some of those who commented on his YouTube clip, which you can find at the bottom of the page, the attention-grabbing effect of the said Challenger was guaranteed, albeit with a strong negative twist.

This makes us wonder whether people would be even more upset if this V6 Challenger would also pack Hellcat wheels, for a deeper impersonation of the factory-blown model.

This is an excellent occasion to remind you that you can have a six-pot Challenger starting from $27,190. As for the current range-topper, the blown 6.2-liter model will set you back at least $64,195.

If you happen to be among those who wonder why the Hellcat costs more than double than the base Challenger, perhaps the Demon will make its non-widebody sibling seem more affordable. We’ll remind you that the quickest incarnation of the Challenger is scheduled to land in April, at the New York Auto Show.