Dodge Ram Stuck in Sand, Still Doesen’t Need Crawl Control

With all of the new electronic systems that are out there to assist in off-road driving, it’s really to the point where you don’t even need to know how to maneuver in order to not get stuck. Your truck will do all of the tough driving for you if it’s hooked up with all of the latest and greatest equipment.
This time, we drop in on someone who, even though they appear to have a newer Ram, doesn’t appear to be in need of all of that fancy electronic Crawl Control as he calls out Toyota owners who do find themselves in need of the automated driving system.
Check out the clip below that has this driver nice and stuck as sand fills his wheel wells, however, with a little bit of throttle control and some persistence, he’s able to wiggle his way out of the hole and continue on with his day in the sand. What do you think of all of these new electronics that they’re putting in cars and trucks today?