Dodge Viper ACR Overtakes Two Porsche 911 GT3s Just to Drift In Front Of Them

When you’re inside a 991-gen Porsche 911 GT3 and you hit the track, you feel unstoppable. Nevertheless, if a Dodge Viper ACR shows up, you’ll be in trouble.

The scenario above is the classic take on the matter, but an ACR driver lapping the Sonoma Raceway last fall decided to take things to the next level. To be more precise, the man hunted down not one, but two GT3s, passing the Zuffenhausen animals only to drift in front of them.

Truth be told, the second GT3 belonged to the 997.1 generation, so it would’ve been nearly impossible for its driver to keep up with the other two cars here.

The 991 Neunelfer mentioned above served as the camera car and we’re thankful for the solid hardware featured on the Porscha. Thanks to the setup, we can check out the Viper’s slip angles in detail, while also being able to estimate the speed at which the Dodge let its tail out.

Much to… everybody’s delight, the guy in the Dodge passed the GT3s one by one, so he could deliver a prolonged drift in front of each Porsche, thus rubber-marking his territory.

The 911 drivers both enjoyed the show, with the 997 guy even saluting the ACR’s tail-happy behavior, as you’ll see in the first video below.

For the record, when the guy in the Viper doesn’t enjoy going for a rubber barbecue, he can push his ACR round the track in 1:40.49, as you’ll be able to see in the second video below, which has been filmed using a helmet camera.

Since we added the said clip, we couldn’t help but also bring you the GT3 driver’s best Sonoma lap, with this coming in the form of an 1:46 adventure. This time around, the number-loaded dash cam experience is back. We’ll let you be the judge of each driver’s skill.