Don’t Mess with the Russian Riot Police – This is TERRIFYING


Things in Russia, well, from this side of the computer screen, they can appear to be quite confusing whether we are talking about road rage or otherwise.

This time, it’s actually what’s being called the “Russian riot police” that are providing a scene that leaves us dazed and confused as the picture painted is one that we can’t really wrap our heads around.

We aren’t even too sure what this guy did to piss them off, but it is readily apparent that he did exactly that as he gets blocked from traveling and almost immediately has a barrage of officers in front of his car staring him down.

Check out the video below that takes us along for a ride with this driver when his dashcam captures the entire incident. Personally, we wouldn’t have any idea what to do in a situation like this. To be honest, it’s actually pretty terrifying that this is a real-life scenario.