Dragster Transmission Explodes Off The Line, Injures The Driver!

Drag explosion

Building a beast of a drag car comes with its perks, as you can see the fruits of your labor coming together on the track, but there’s always the chance of something malfunctioning.

Not a few high-powered drag cars have lots of make-do solutions – good when you’re on a tight budget, bad when you’re pushing a 10 second car to its breaking point.

The footage that recently surfaced on Reddit shows this Chevy-based dragster launching off the line, with the transmission exploding a few moments later.

Now, in such events, where the car is pushed to its absolute limits, an engine or gearbox failure is always on the menu. What sets this particular occurrence apart is the fact that debris resulted from the blast penetrated the cabin and injured the driver. You can even see parts of the rig flying in every direction in the slowed down part of the video.

Luckily, the driver was swiftly dragged out of the car by the NHRA track team, suffering only some minor injuries to his foot. He will make a full recovery and the video uploader says all proceedings from the views will be used to get the owner back on the track.