Dude Takes His Lowrider Through The Drive-Thru For Laughs


When it comes to recording prank and reaction videos, some of the most common instances just so happen unfold in the drive-thru where pranksters will gather their cameras and put on their straightest face to try and prank this group of folks who are probably the most commonly exposed to the foolery.

In this video, we check out a character that goes by the name of “Scrappy the Cholo” as he hops inside of his lowrider and heads out to get himself a little bit of fast food and try to pick up a couple of ladies along the way with the use of his bouncing ride.

We aren’t sure which part is more hilarious, the fact that he’s using the corniest lines that we’ve ever heard or the idea of making this lowrider bounce up and down while these people are just trying to get their job done and deliver him his order.

Check out the prank display for yourself down in the video below and tell us what you think of this original idea to have a little bit of fun with the people working at the drive-thru. Personally, I think that Scrappy would have a better chance if he works on those pick up lines just a little bit.