“Eleanor” 1967 Mustang GT500 Drag Racer Packs Twin-Turbo Big Block: Gone in 6 Seconds!


Gone in 60 seconds? More like gone in 6 seconds!

Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of classic ‘Stangs impersonating Eleanor, the Gone in Sixty Seconds hero muscle car, and yet the one we want to show you today is nothing short of memorable. And we mean that in a drag strip way.

Sure, this 1957 Mustang GT500 hasn’t been touched by Nicholas Cage’s “Memphis” Raines character, but we’re talking about the fastest Fastback we’ve seen playing the 1,320-foot game.

The Blue Oval monstrosity is animated by a big block working with a pair of turbos. Oh, and the force feeders come in an 88mm size, just to make sure their presence is acknowledged. The owner of the car enjoys surrounding it with an aura of mystery, so he doesn’t talk about the output. Still, given the setup, we could be dealing with numbers ranging between over 1,500 horses to north of 3,000 hp, obviously depending on how generous the psi figure is.

The Mustang has been put on a diet, albeit one that doesn’t ask the driver to feel tortured while inside the car. As a result, the thing now tips the scale at just under 3,400 lbs (1,542 kg). Yep, the power-to-weight ratio basically means we’re dealing with a showstopper here.

The owner also explains this Dragleanor (we’ve decided this is a suitable nickname for the contraption) doesn’t play by the ET rules, only competing in car-to-car battles.

Even so, the Mustang was caught on camera while pulling a 6.56s pass at 219 mph (353 km/h). We have to explain the stunt was pulled while running on drag radials, which is quite an achievement.

As you can imagine, such extreme low-flying machines sometimes like to devour themselves in the suck-squeeze-bang-blow process, and you’ll get an example of that at the end of the clip below. Fret not, as we said, we don’t expect the owner to have been unprepared for such events.