Electric Van Crushes Dodge Viper and BMW i8 in Drag Race


A Mercedes-Benz Vito van absolutely obliterate a Dodge Viper and BMW i8 in a drag race. Granted, this is no ordinary Vito.

The van, called Edna, was created by Atieva and is actually an electric vehicle. They first showed off the vehicle a couple of weeks ago as it took on a Tesla Model S and a Ferrari California. This week, we see it take on an American supercar and a German hybrid. And if you’ve read the title, you know that this van destroyed the two. Here is the breakdown of its run:

  • 0-60: 2.94 seconds
  • 1/8 Mile: 7.2 seconds @ 99 mph
  • 1/4 Mile: 11.3 seconds @ 117 mph

Those are supercar numbers coming from a van. A van! Check out the van’s sprints in the videos below.