Ever Seen a CTS-V Wagon Pull a Wheelie? Here You Go!

Straight from the day that it came out, the second generation Cadillac CTS-V was a car that most people who got behind the wheel of found to be impressive. With all that this machine has to offer, it’s kind of difficult to argue with its ability. With basic modifications on board, you’ll see these things going incredibly quickly, even managing to put together single digit passes. That’s pretty incredible what the machine is able to do given that they are, on the surface, incredibly heavy luxury vehicles. This isn’t a Corvette that we’re talking about but instead, its bigger brother in a machine that sports the lineage with a lot of extra bulk to go along with it.
This time, we get the chance to check out a wagon that’s built by CTS-V madman, Shane Hinds. It’s one of the less common CTS-V models as you mostly see sedans and coupes, but this time, we get to see the boat of a wagon make its way down the track on blower only, leaving the nitrous bottles at home! Even with a stock cubic inch power plant, ported factory blower and some other basic mods, this thing rips! We’re not sure about you but you can color us impressed by this heavy sled of a Cadillac that really packs quite the punch.
Below, you can follow along with the luxury vehicle going rogue as it takes down the quarter-mile, really coming through on the big end, showing us exactly what it’s capable of. Perhaps our favorite part of this car is not the wheelie or the impressive pass on motor alone but instead the fact that there’s a lot more left in the tank for this Cadillac with everything from heated and cooled seats to navigation that is just tapping into what it’s capable of.