EXTREMELY LOUD Black 1976 CHEVROLET CAMARO SCREAMS On 22″/24″ Forgiatos In 1080p HD!

Yeah, we doubt that what’s loud is the V8 stock engine with 350 cubic inches which delivers 155HP. It just can’t roar badly. And what makes our 1976 Camaro so loud and bad?
First, we will start with the body, freshly painted black color paired with 22 and 24 inches Forgiato wheels it looks dangerous. But that’s not all, the rear wheels are massive, 24×15 inches! In order to fit they shortened the real axle and added coilover suspension! Damn, it looks scary on those huge wheels.
Yeah, what do you think can the outlook be so loud? Let’s see more, we are not still convinced. What is packed under that hood, yeah baby, 427 cubic inches big block Chevy! He can scream loud, the stampede of 480 horses is loud as hell! But that’s not something unusual, it must be more!
Play the video below and see this extremely loud 1976 Chevrolet Camaro and tell is it possible at maximum volume of the audio system to seat still in the car?
Let’s enter inside, now everything is clear, just look at those massive speakers, yeah, we bet that they can make the car jump!