FASTER than DEATH ITSELF! The World’s Fastest 1,300 HP Hearse Does 1/4 Mile In 9 Seconds!!!

AMS Madness Hearse 9.94 Second World Record

The genial hands of experts from the American tuner AMS Performance have developed a car, in which every automotive maniac would like to have his or her last journey. Of course, no one would wish to be forced to take the advantage of this vehicle. If, however, such a sad moment happens, it would be nice during the last journey to be on board in a beast like this. The idea is the brainchild of engineers from AMS Performance, known for building very fast cars, of which a large part is determined as the fastest in the world. In 2008, the guys have figured out that the fastest hearse in the world is actually very slow – it took more than 13 seconds for the quarter mile. So they decided to create a really fast machine.

At the beginning, they decided that the car has to look like a classic hearse so that at first glance does not appear conspicuous. In addition, the car should have a red interior-giving it a bit of character.

Most important, however, is the engine. The team from AMS decided to install a General Motors engine codenamed LQ4 or classic American V8 with a capacity of 6 liters. In addition to the engine is mounted a compressor which under tremendous pressure has been pumping air into the engine. Several other modifications allowed the achievement of an impressive 1300 hp of power. But what most impresses is the acceleration – the car reaches 100 km / h in 2.26 seconds, and the fact is that this is a car you can drive every day.

On this video, we see a serious competitor from Sydney, Australia. Imagine a drag race between these two cars ?