Fastest Motorcycle On Planet, 500BHP Suzuki Hayabusa, Is Must Watch Action!

There are a handful of fast land vehicles on the planet that are too powerful, too fast, and too downright scary for me to ever wish to ride or drive. The Suzuki Hayabusa street bike and the 500 horsepower its super phat fat engine pushes to its brakes is one such vehicle. It is so friggin’ fast that it is according to many the fastest production bike in the world. Now, before you go off thinking that ain’t no way the Suz Hayabusa is the fastest motorcycle on the planet, please keep in mind that this is not the even the incredible 2nd gen Suzuki Hayabusa that rolls off the production line with a mere 172bhp. No sir, we are talking about the 500bhp version. Click play to be thrilled by the fastest production street motorcycle in the world!