Fastest Naturally Aspirated 2015 Ford Mustang GT in the World Pulls a Quarter Mile


The Bama Performance Team just set a world record for the fastest naturally aspirated 2015 Mustang GT and you are never going to believe the time and trap speed!

Bama Performance has been working non-stop on tuning the 2015 Mustang and their hard work has paid off with a world record time for the 2015 Mustang. The previous record, which was held by Ford Racing, was a 11.77 has been beaten by over half-a-second by the Bama Performance Team!

The Bama Performance tuned 2015 Mustang GT went 11.2 @ 121 MPH!


1. Full Exhaust System – Custom 1 7/8″ Long Tube Headers – O/R X Pipe – Race Bullet Mufflers
2. JLT Cold Air Intake (Stock Intake Manifold)
3. Suspension Upgrades – Custom Fabricated Suspension Parts – Stock Half Shafts – Stock Bushings
4. Minor Weight Reduction – Removed Passenger Seat And Rear Seat – Race Weight: 3,650 With Half Tank Of Fuel And Driver
5. Slicks and Skinnies – 17″ Weld RTS With Mickey Thompson Front Runners – Hoosier Drag Slicks
6. Bama Performance 93 Track Tune

This was all done on stock IRS bushings and half-shafts, which is incredibly impressive and gives us a sense of how robust the IRS system from Ford is!