FINALLY The Wild E. Coyote Caught The Road Runner! 1969 Plymouth Road Runner EXCELLENT QUALITY Old Commercial With Motor Trends Car Of The Year!

The old car commercials are always the best, because they are shot with a little sense of humor, and the old technology that is forgotten is still interesting to see. There are many special effects done on these commercials, but they are done old school and in the old fashioned way.

Back in 1969 there were not many computers and green screens on the shooting sets, so everything had to played and filmed for real. This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner commercial was shown in every major television, and we think that some people of the older generation will remember it.

The 1969 Plymouth Road Runner was an original American supercar, which was so low priced that almost every person in USA could buy it and drive it. It was so low cost because it was made and produced in America, avoiding all the additional costs for delivery and taxes.

The Plymouth was a supercar for the time because it had a powerful engine under the hood, and the car could travel for many miles with one gas tank. That’s why the population was in love with this car and with the commercial with the coyote.