Ford Has Secretly Been Working On A Camaro SS 1LE-Fighting Mustang

And now details are finally leaking.
There’s no doubt the Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE is a mighty impressive thing, and Ford has taken notice. Road and Track has put together an interesting claim, based on several sources, that Ford will soon launch a Mustang “GT Performance Package Level 2” in order to directly tackle the Camaro SS 1LE. Beginning last November, we heard a rumor Ford was cooking up something, specifically from a Mustang6G forum member who claimed to also be a Ford employee. That’s when the Performance Package Level 2 rumor started, but so far it hasn’t launched yet.
Then in July, AutoGuide published a supposed 2018 Mustang ordering guide. It too made reference to that Performance Package Level 2 option, claiming it will be offered on Mustang GT coupes only with the Premium Package and a manual transmission. Mustang6G then published yet another ordering guide in August which revealed a set of 19-inch wheels. These stainless painted aluminum wheels, thanks to aftermarket supplier CJ Pony Parts, were revealed on its Facebook page only a couple of weeks ago. Look closely at this image and you’ll see the 2018 Mustang in question is also wearing a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, the very same rubber worn by the Shelby GT350R. Awesome.
There’s a chance these wheels could also be available on non-Premium Package Mustang GT coupes, based on yet another Mustang6G-pubished ordering guide, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Road and Track did reach out to Ford for comment, only to be told there’s nothing to share at the moment. In other words, that’s not a denial but more of a ‘just wait until we make things official for us to comment further.’ We can live with that for now. But nevertheless, it’s clear Ford is up to something for its 2018 Mustang, and we’re sure Chevrolet is also quite interested in learning the truth.