General Lee Challenger Hellcat Chased by Shelby GT350 Police Car in Dutch Battle

Here’s a question for you – what do most Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 comparisons have in common? Well, in our book, all such adventures are simply there for entertainment purposes, as we’ll have to wait for the Blue Oval to give us the new GT500 for a proper comparo.

And we’ve recently come across what is probably the wackiest adventure of this sort, one that sees the two muscle missiles going for a bit of a Cops & Robbers session.

We’ve shown you the police car-impersonating GT350 in The Netherlands before, but this time we get to see the faux law enforcement vehicle chasing a Hellcat. The Mopar machine is also into cosplay, having put on a Generall Lee attire.

Whenever we come across an adventure like the one we have here, we can’t help but feel trapped, as it seems impossible to make up our mind – perhaps some of you will have an easier time deciding which role they would rather play.

It’t not the fact that we’re supposed to be impartial that prevents us from being able to take a decision. Instead, we’re dealing with the fine details of these machines that makes it difficult to focus on anything else.

Let’s take the Shelby, for instance. The VooDoo heart of the Ford seems to make this the perfect police car – even if you forget to turn on the siren, the flat-plane growl of the thing will let other driver knows they’re supposed to give way.

As for the Hellcat, everybody knows a baddie’s car should oversteer – how would the chases be enjoyable otherwise? And the factory-blown Challenger, with its 275-section rear tires, demonstrates amazing abilities in this department.

Speaking of which, here’s a story on how the Challenger Hellcat acts as a drift car, as well as a take that saw the mega Dodge getting a hydraulic handbrake and becoming a pro sliding tool.

Regardless of which of the two you’d prefer to hoon, we’re pretty sure the tire budget of the resulting adventure would have to be just as hefty as the fuel expenses, but this only makes the stunt even more of a guilty pleasure.